2020-2021 Student Parking Update

    Junior / Senior Parking

    Please be aware that students are still able to apply for parking (Juniors and Seniors only). Students must meet the same qualifications listed on the application in order to obtain the privilege of parking on campus. If you are a Junior or Senior and wish to apply for a parking permit, please complete the Student Parking Application form and reach out to Ms. Myers via email at myersa@tesd.net to schedule an appointment in room 208. Please make sure to bring required driving materials (copies or originals) listed on the application to your appointment. Parking still remains on a first come, first serve basis.

    Reminder: Student Parking Application forms must be either signed by a parent / guardian and witnessed by a TE School District Employee or notarized.

    Please click here Student Parking Application for the form.

    Student Privileges

    All students (Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12) can apply for student privileges during the Hybrid learning environment.  The list of available privileges for each class is listed below:

    9th / 10th Grade                -             Late Arrival (1st / 2nd Period) & Early Dismissal (7th & 8th Period)

    11th / 12th Grade              -             Late Arrival/ Free Periods/Lunch/ Early Dismissal

    The Student Privilege Form contains more details about each privilege for each grade level.  The form must be completed, signed by a parent / guardian, and submitted to the school prior to the privilege being granted.  The form can be submitted to myersa@tesd.net as a PDF as soon as possible.  

    Please click Student Privilege Form for the form.