2020-2021 Student Parking Update

    Student Parking

    With the transition to In-Person learning starting March 15th and the number of students who have indicated they are returning to school, we will be reissuing parking permits to eligible students. A Student Parking Survey is being sent to all seniors who have notified the school of their choice to return to the building. The survey will allow the school to adequately prepare for parking privileges for senior students. Once all senior students have completed the survey and an evaluation of the parking needs / availability has been completed, parking privileges may be offered to eligible juniors, if applicable. 

    Senior students should be on the look-out for the Student Parking Survey email. 


    Please click here Student Parking Application for the form.

    Student Privileges

     All students (Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12) can apply for student privileges during the In-Person learning environment.  The list of available privileges for each class is listed below:

    9th / 10th Grade                -             Late Arrival / Free Periods / Early Dismissal

    11th / 12th Grade              -             Late Arrival/ Free Periods / Lunch / Early Dismissal

    The Student Privilege Form contains more details about each privilege for each grade level.  The form must be completed, signed by a parent / guardian, and submitted to the school prior to the privilege being granted.  The form can be submitted to myersa@tesd.net as a PDF as soon as possible.

    If you have submitted a Privilege Form earlier his year and need to update the form with added privileges, please complete the attached Student Privilege Form and submit it to Ms. Myers at myersa@tesd.net as a PDF as soon as possible.  It will take 24 hours to process the updated form.

    Please click Student Privilege Form for the form.