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    The mission of the Student Services Department is to promote a comprehensive developmental guidance program that provides services to students in grades nine through twelve and supports students' individual academic, social, and personal goals. Students are assigned to their counselor alphabetically in ninth grade and remain with the same counselor throughout their time at Conestoga.  

    School Counselors    Student's Last Name
                       Laureen Stohrer  A-Bro
    Rachelle Gough  Bru-Dh
    Katherine Barthelmeh  Di-Gr
    Brian Samson  Gu-Ke
                 Melissa McMenamin Kh-Ma
    Jennifer Kratsa  Mc-N
    Dan McDermott  O-R
    Anne Davis  S-T
    Megan Smyth  U-Z
    Mental Health Specialists Student's Last Name
    Dr. Christine Dunleavy A-L
    Joellen Corrocher M-Z
    Registrar Administrative Assistants 
    Gretchen Barkman   Jackie Mormello
      Jenna Denton
                          With Help Comes Hope

    Seek Support

    The COVID-19 pandemic, like any natural disaster, takes a toll on the mental health of countless individuals, resulting in a ripple effect. Fears about the disease, along with social isolation, social unrest, and academic disruption, are all pieces that impact our mental health. During this time, we must be vigilant in supporting one another, by reaching out to a trusted adult to seek support for yourself or a friend.

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