• New Family Welcoming Committee

    The Conestoga High School Welcoming Committee is composed of parents who want to reach out to Conestoga families who are new to the T/E School District (those who have recently moved here, transferred from a private school, etc.).

    Is your family new to the T/E School District?  

    • We look forward to answering any of your questions and easing your transition to the school and our community. We connect new families with committee members who have children of similar ages. In addition, multilingual committee members are available to assist new families in their native language. If you are interested in being contacted by the Welcoming Committee,  please complete the New Family Form.  

    • New Family Meetings: Prior to COVID-19, we met at a local Panera once per month. Due to social distancing, we started meeting virtually via Zoom. If you return your New Family Form we will notify you of all meeting dates and provide you with login information for virtual meetings. We plan to meet at least once a month (and likely even more often, especially at the start of the school year). We look forward to meeting you!

    • Upon registering your child at CHS, you should receive a printed directory that includes the contact information for the CHS Welcoming Committee members, as well as a directory of the multilingual speakers on our committee. These directories are updated frequently with new parent volunteers who are joining the committee, especially over the summer and at the start of the school year. For the most updated version of these directories, send an email to Laurie Nishimura, Welcoming Committee Chair, at rgplmn@aol.com

    You can use this List of Helpful Webpages to help you familiarize yourself with CHS and with the T/E School District


    Would you like to join the committee?

    • Current CHS parents: Join us in welcoming new families! Your friendliness is what is most needed. (It’s OK if you don’t know a lot about the school yet; we’ll connect with you with the resources that you need, and you’ll learn a lot in the process as well!) And if you speak another language, we also need multilingual speakers who are willing to assist new families. You can choose your level of involvement in the committee based on your schedule. Any amount of help that you can give is much appreciated!

    For additional information, please contact Laurie Nishimura, CHS Welcoming Committee Chair, at rgplmn@aol.com