•  Conestoga High School Physical Education Requirements

    “All students must complete the Health and Fitness course (0.5 credit) designed for ninth grade students. Health and Fitness 9 includes required instruction in Health and Physical Education (PE). All students must be enrolled in a PE course for the other seven semesters of attendance for a total of 1.4 PE credits, not including the Health and Fitness course. Up to six semesters of PE (1.2 credits) may be satisfied through the Team Sport or Extended Experience programs. Students must complete the Health requirement during the regular academic calendar. Summer Health Programs will not be considered acceptable for satisfying the Conestoga Health credit requirement.”

    ∗Conestoga High School Program of Studies∗

    Extended Experience Physical Education (EEPE)

    • Procedures for participation/registration in Extended Experience Physical Education (EEPE)

    Participation in EEPE

    • The Extended Experience course is for seniors, juniors, and sophomores who want to substitute an outside physical education experience for their physical education requirement during any given semester.

    Students may participate in EEPE using these guidelines:

    1. The experience will provide supervised instruction (cannot be supervised by a parent).
    2. 30 hours will equal one semester's credit.
    3. Activities that span first and second semester are assigned and applied to either the spring or fall semester.
    4. The following Conestoga Club teams are considered as EEPE: Crew, Squash, Rugby, Ice Hockey. Varsity, JV and JVA sports are considered a “Team Sport”, which is a separate course.
      1. EEPE is NOT a Team Sport. Team Sport is Not an EEPE.  Team Sport and EEPE are two (2) separate courses.
    5. An Application Survey for Extended Experience must be completed through Schoology by the posted due date in order to be considered for approval. If the Application Survey is not submitted / approved, senior students will be placed in a physical education class and underclass students will have the course dropped from their schedules. 
    6. After submitting the Application Survey, a stduent will be notifed IF the application has not been approved through an email.  

    Procedures to register and sign up for EEPE

    1. Select Extended Experience for the appropriate semester on your course selection card.
    2. Ensure that the EEPE course is on your schedule for the appropriate semester(s).
    3. Complete the Application Survey through Schoology by the deadline.
    4. Complete 1 EEPE (30 Hours) per semester (unless extenuating circumstances – with approval).
      1. 30 Hours of physical activity overseen by a coach or supervisor (No home / in house gym work is acceptable)
    5. Once you complete the experience, fill out and submit a Verification Form by the semester deadline to receive credit. You cannot receive credit for the experience without returning a completed verification form by the semester deadline. 


    • If the activity is changed after the proposal is submitted, it must be documented and approved.
    • If a student is cut from a team sport, extended time will be offered to apply for EEPE.
      • If a student is cut from or chooses not to participate in a team sport, it is the student’s responsibility to see a counselor to have Team Sport removed from their schedule and replaced with either EEPE or a gym class within the first two weeks after cuts are made by the said team sport.
    • If the Application Survey is not received by the deadline - Seniors will be put into a PE class and will have the EEPE course dropped from their schedules in order to satisfy graduation requirements. Underclassmen who do not complete the Application Survey will have the course dropped from their schedules and will have to make up a PE course in a future semester.