• Health Screenings

    Pennsylvania mandated health screenings are completed by the school nurse during the school year and anytime if requested by a parent or staff member. Referrals are mailed home when any possible problem is noted.

    • Height /Weight /Body Mass Index (BMI) - all grades each year
    • Vision – all grades each year
    • Hearing – grades kindergarten, one, two, three, seven, and eleven
    • Scoliosis – grade six and seven

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is a screening tool used to assess underweight, overweight and the risk of overweight. BMI is calculated from body weight adjusted for height, age and gender. BMI in children is age and gender specific because body mass changes as children grow, and boys and girls differ in BMI as they mature. The purpose of the BMI is to:

    • Monitor growth and development patterns of students.
    • Identify students who may be at nutritional risk or who may have a common nutritional problem.
    • Notify parents/guardians of screening results with a recommendation to share findings with the student's health care provider for further evaluation and intervention if necessary.