• Your School Nurse

    Conestoga High School   Phone: (610) 240-1005    Fax: (610) 240-1173
    Kimberly Meade, RN, CSN
    Andrea Brennan, RN, CSN 
    Louise Cook, RN

    T/E Middle School  Phone: (610) 240-1210    Fax: (610) 240-1225
    Leigh Ann Coary, RN, CSN 
    Marcy Lally, RN

    Valley Forge Middle School  Phone: (610) 240-1305    Fax: (610) 240-1325
    Erin McHale, RN, CSN
    Gina DiRado, RN
    Louise Cook, RN

    Beaumont Elementary School  Phone: (610) 240-1404    Fax: (610) 240-1410
    Diane Carlin, RN, CSN
    Diane Hoey, RN

    Devon Elementary School  Phone: (610) 240-1457    Fax: (610) 240-1466
    Christine Brown, RN, CSN
    Diane Hoey, RN

    Hillside Elementary School  Phone: (610) 240-1503    Fax: (610) 240-1510
    Lindsay Palm, RN, CSN
    Courtney O'Neill, RN

    New Eagle Elementary School  Phone: (610) 240-1553    Fax: (610) 240-1561
    Diane Carlin, RN, CSN
    Courtney O'Neill, RN

    Valley Forge Elementary School  Phone: (610) 240-1604    Fax: (610) 240-1615
    Jaclyn Wahlers, RN, CSN
    Lianne Lofgren, RN

    Certified School Nurses (CSN) are responsible for the state mandated health services in the Tredyffrin/ Easttown schools.

    They are registered nurses with baccalaureate degrees and additional educational requirements. They are certified by the Department of Education and have extensive background in school health, health education, counseling, and the use of community resources. The nurses are a part of the student services which also include guidance counselors, social workers, the dental hygienist and school psychologists.

    In addition to state mandated responsibilities, the school nurse is actively involved in Child Study Teams, Student Assistant Teams, crisis intervention, and assisting students to recognize and address a variety of health problems.

    Certified School Nurses (CSN, RN) may be assigned to more than one school. Health Room Nurses (RN) assist the certified school nurse and cover the building when the certified nurse is at another building.