•  Communicable Diseases

    To protect the health of each student, their classmates, and the school staff, all children should remain at home for at least 24 hours after they have had any illness accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea or fever.

                    Communicable Disease Exclusion as per the Pennsylvania Department of Health

    Chickenpox  Five days from the appearance of the first crop of vesicles or when all the lesions have dried  and crusted, whichever is sooner
    Conjunctivitis (Infectious/Pink Eye) Until judged not contagious, without discharge
    Diphtheria  Two weeks from the onset or until negative culture
    Impetigo 24 hours after the start of appropriate treatment
    Measles 4 days from the onset of rash
    Mumps 9 days from the onset or until subsidence of swelling
    Pediculosis (Lice)  Until judged not contagious by the nurse or physician
    Pertussis  3 weeks from onset or 5 days from start of antimicrobial therapy
    Respiratory Streptococcal infections
    (including scarlet fever)
    Not less than 10 days from the onset or 24 hours after start of appropriate therapy
    Ringworm Until first treatment, if body lesions covered if not dried over
    Rubella  4 days from onset of rash
    Trachoma 24 hours from start of appropriate therapy
    Rash &/or cough with fever, persistent vomiting, persistent diarrhea Until medically evaluated and determined not communicable