• Fourth Grade Virtual World Language Experience

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    This year, 4th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual world language experience prior to the deadline for submitting course selection cards. The purpose of the virtual world language experience is to assist students and families in choosing a language for future study. To help you and your child make this decision, we will be providing the students with exposure to both French and Spanish. Please follow these links to explore both, the French and Spanish languages. You never know what your child may find interesting or fascinating about these languages.

    Since many students in the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District continue their study of a world language through their senior year, the choice of a language is an important one. We would like to offer some factors for your consideration in helping your child make this decision.

    1) The child’s interest and comfort in one of the languages presented in the programworld

    2) Family background (ethnic heritage, family experience in the language)

    3) Learning style/needs of the child

    4) Career interest

    To help you and your child select a language, this program targets the benefits of studying the languages we offer in the middle school. Please be aware that your child can pursue these languages and additional languages - German, Italian, and Latin at Conestoga.

    We hope you enjoy the virtual world language experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at gatelyp@tesd.net.


    Patrick Gately, Ed.D.