• "2020-2021 Recorded Productions" 


    • TESD Regular School Board Meeting: TV Broadcast of the regularly scheduled TESD school Board Meeting.  School Board meetings typically begin playing on TETV the day after the meeting.  Broadcast is 9pm daily and 10am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. From time to time, Special School board meetings, or other related meetings may air in this time slot or other special scheduled times.
    • T/E Board Talk: is produced throughout the school year through the cooperative efforts of T/E School Board members, administrators, staff members and students. 
    • Guidance Programs: The CHS Guidance department holds evening informational sessions that focus on Junior & Senior students and their Parents going through the College process.  From testing to applications to acceptance, there is information for all aspects of getting into college.  These programs are recorded and then broadcast throughout the year on TETV.


    • Good Morning Stoga: This is the daily announcements for students at Conestoga High School.  It is broadcast live every normal school day and viewed in homeroom.  It is replayed throughout the school day,  and once again in the evening.  
    • Bulletin Board: Between regularly scheduled programming there is information on meeting notices, club notices, District lunch menus, sports schedules and more.


    An On-Demand Library of our broadcasts is available any time at TETV.VIEBIT.COM