Pennsylvania Keystone Exam for Algebra 1

    Keystone exams are Pennsylvania’s end of course assessments in specific content areas. The Keystone Algebra 1 Exam consists of two test modules. The test contains multiple choice questions and open ended responses that are designed to assess student comprehension of Algebra. All students must take the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam to satisfy federal testing requirements. Pennsylvania students in the class of 2021 and below must pass Keystone Exams to qualify for a high school diploma.

    All students currently enrolled in Algebra I, students new to Conestoga who have not previously taken the Algebra Keystone Exam, and those students who must retake the exam will be tested in December 2020. Tests will be administered at Conestoga High School during the school day.



    Students will be supplied with sample problems and practice tests in their current classes. The accompanying links can serve as additional resources for practice and review: