• Pennsylvania Keystone Exam in Literature    

    Keystone exams are Pennsylvania end of course assessments in specific content areas.

    The Literature exam is administered in two modules, one fiction and one informational. Each Module includes items that require students to read a passage and select the best answer from four possible answer options. The correct answer for each multiple choice questions is worth one point.

    Each module also includes items that require students to write responses. The students read the item and write their responses in the space provided. Each constructed response is designed to take about ten minutes to complete. Each constructed response is scored using an item specific guideline based on a 0-3 point scale.

    All students must take the Literature Keystone Exam to satisfy Federal testing requirements. Pennsylvania students in the class of 2021 and below must pass Keystone Exams to qualify for a high school diploma.

    Sophomores and any student currently enrolled in American Literature, students new to Conestoga who have not previously taken the Literature Keystone Exam, and those students who must retake the exam will be tested in December 2020. Tests will be administered at Conestoga High School during the school day.



    Follow the links below for a detailed explanation of the Keystone Exam in Literature, including sample reading, questions and answers.

    For information and study resources, please click on the following:

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