• Department ChairAmy Cruz: cruza@tesd.net
    Art Faculty

    Studio Art Programs: Students will create a primary or supplemental portfolio for college application and/or for AP credit. 
    • Studio Art I
      • Semester I: Foundations Drawing and Design (Mixed Drawing Media and Graphic Design)
      • Semester II: Color Studies (Painting and Color Theory)
    • Studio Art II
      • Semester I: Three-Dimmensional Foundations (3-D Design and Sculpture in Mixed Media)
      • Semester II: Printmaking 
    • Studio Art III 
      • Semester I: Advanced Drawing/Painting and Portfolio Preparation
      • Semester II: Digital Media (Photography and Web Design) - Business and Technology Credit
    • Studio Art IV/AP Studio Art: Drawing and 2D Design-Full-Year 

    Art Elective Programs: Courses designed for students with any level of interest in art, visual awareness and creative thinking.

    • Advanced Ceramics and Clay Sculpture* 6/6
    • Advanced Photography* 6/6
    • Advanced 3-D Sculpture and Mixed Media 6/6*
    • AP Art History/Art History 6/6
    • Ceramics and Clay Sculpture 6/6
    • Digital Photography 3/6
    • Drawing/Painting 3/6
    • Graphic Design and Animation 6/6
    • 3-D Sculpture and Mixed Media 6/6
    • Web Page Design* 3/6 

    Note: Non-sequential courses provide a continuing experience which permits a student to elect a particular course for credit more than once during his/her years at Conestoga. These courses are identified with an asterisk (*) after the name. 

    Ten Lessons the Arts Teach: http://www.arteducators.org/advocacy/10-lessons-the-arts-teach