• Student Support
    The CARE Team is Conestoga's Student Assistance Team designed to support students with a variety of concerns that can interfere with their ability to succeed in school.  Such issues might include: stress, anxiety, peer relationships, family concerns, depression, substance abuse and eating disorders.
    The CARE Team works confidentially in conjunction with families to identify student needs and implement strategies for confronting barriers.  The CARE Team can be contacted through the assistant principal in Room 130.
    Referrals to the CARE Team may be made by teachers, staff members, guidance counselors, administrators, parents, friends, or by students themselves.  If you are concerned for yourself or one of your friends, please see your guidance counselor or a member of the CARE Team to make a referral.
    Achievement Center 

    The Achievement Center is a centralized drop-in help room where students can get support from tutors in writing, math, and organizational skills. It is located in the Library. The Achievement Center is open daily during the school day from 7:50AM to 2:50 PM. 

    Students may drop in during free periods or receive a pass from a teacher during study halls.  Students may make appointments with a tutor when necessary. Staff members will track arrival and departure time for accountability. Counselors or teachers may recommend that students visit the Achievement Center to have more success in a class or classes. 

    There are several individuals who work with students. 

    • Richa Tandon  supports students who need assistance with Science. 
    • Stephen Sokolowski supports students who need assistance with essays. 
    • National Honor Society tutors will be available to assist students with assignments or studying in most subject areas.