• Achievement Center 

    The Achievement Center is a centralized help room where students can get support from tutors in writing, math, and science. The Achievement Center is open each school day from 7:50AM to 2:50PM in the 2020-2021 school year.

    Students may access the achievement center during free periods. To receive support from the Achievement Center, students must email one member of the staff listed below to make an appointment. When making an appointment to receive help, students should include a brief description of the content on which they are working, including teacher and course (when possible), to enable tutors to prepare materials in advance.

    Counselors or teachers may recommend that students access the Achievement Center to have more success in a class or classes.

    There are several tutors who work with students in the Achievement Center:

    • Ms. Ashley Renning (renninga@tesd.net) supports students who need assistance in math.
    • Mr. Brian Jordan (Jordanb@tesd.net) supports students who need assistance in writing.