In a changing world, we are all confronted with a variety of problems that interfere with our ability to succeed. Use and abuse of controlled substances and mental health concerns are some of the products of stress in our society. Recognizing this, as individual members of our school family and the greater community, we are committed to providing appropriate resources and support for those in need. Helping to remove barriers to learning-Where to go and what to do if you or a friend needs assistance. 

    The Conestoga CARE Team, in partnership with school, community support services, and families will:

    •      Encourage educational programs that promote wellness.
    •      Identify student needs by recognizing school behaviors that indicate a need for help.
    •      Assess behaviors to determine an action plan.

         Implement action plans by:

    •      Intervening to help the student confront issues
    •      Referring the student to appropriate professionals
    •      Supporting the student through the process  
    CARE Team Members   
    • Katherine Barthelmeh, Counselor
    • Ashley Blanks, Teacher
    • Catherine Bond, Counselor
    • Jamie Cappelletti, Teacher
    • Joellen Corrocher, Mental Health Specialist
    • Allison Cox, Teacher
    • Michael Cruz, Teacher
    • Anne Davis, Counselor
    • Christine Dunleavy, Mental Health Specialist
    • Alison Ferriola, Teacher
    • Karen Gately, Teacher
    • Merri Gardner, Teacher
    • Rachell Gough, Counselor
    • Brooke Hauer, Librarian 
    • Jenn Kratsa, Student Services Department Chairperson
    • Leashia Lewis, Counselor
    • Lydia Lieb, Librarian
    • Dan McDermott, Counselor
    • Catherine McKee, Teacher
    • Melissa McMenamin, Counselor
    • Kimberly McPhillips, Teacher
    • Kimberly Meade, Nurse
    • Christine O'Connell, Nurse
    • Melissa Pacitti, Teacher
    • Brian Samson, Counselor
    • Chandra Singh, Administrator 
    • Megan Smyth, Coubnselor
    • Laureen Stohrer, Counselor
    • Sarah Taylor, Teacher
    • Erin Ziegelmeyer, Liason from Center for Families


    Today's adolescents are often confronted with a variety of problems that can interfere with their ability to succeed in school. Such issues might include stress, anxiety, peer relationships, family concerns, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders. Our students, like all young people today, must cope with a growing number of social pressures. Recognizing this, Conestoga High School is dedicated to identifying students who may need assistance to remove these barriers that affect the students’ ability to succeed in school. The confidential CARE Team process recognizes that parents have a major role and responsibility in making decisions regarding their children, and the team will make every effort to involve parents in every step of the process.


    Contacts any teacher, counselor, or administrator to make a referral. 

    When a student is recommended to the CARE Team by the SSC:

    • A case manager is assigned.  The student’s parents are contacted.  The case manager distributes a behavior checklist to the student’s teachers. The documentation process concentrates on observable behaviors only. 
    • The CARE team reviews the information and one or more of the following may occur:
      • No action is needed.
      • Parent may take private medical or other action.
      • With parental consent, the student meets with the mental health or drug and alcohol  counselor for an assessment.
      • The team may conduct a formal or informal intervention. 

    Community Resourses

    • When a student’s situation lies beyond the scope of the school’s pro­grams, the CARE Team will inform the parents of the problem and provide information on community resources available to obtain assistance for their child. 

    State-Wide Process

    • The CARE Team is part of a state-wide student assistance program. There are SAP teams in operation in all of Pennsylvania’s public schools.