• 2020 Program Overview

    Conestoga’s Senior Internship Program provides an opportunity for seniors in good standing to explore a potential career area during the month preceding their graduation.  The Internship dates for 2020 are Monday, May 4 through May 29. The student, with the help of a Faculty Advisor and a Community Sponsor in a business, professional field or community service organization, designs a program of observation or hands-on experience in an area of possible career interest.
    Students keep a daily journal of their experiences and communicate with their Faculty Advisors on a regular basis during the program.  Many journals are kept on file as a resource for future Senior Internship Program participants.  In addition, each student, parent, Community Sponsor and Faculty Advisor is encouraged to evaluate the experience. 
    The experience offers the student a chance to explore a chosen field and a valuable opportunity to decide whether it is a viable career option.  In addition, the student gains insights into the responsibilities involved in a professional environment. 

    In Phase I: Students explore their general areas of interest.  During this phase, they choose a Faculty Advisor and compose a letter of interest as they prepare to find a Community Sponsor. 

    In Phase II: Students contact potential Community Sponsors within the area of interest.  Parents and the Community Sponsor work with the student to develop goals and a plan for the program.  The Community Sponsor oversees the student during the four weeks of the Senior Internship Program. 

    The Conestoga High School Senior Internship Program is a cooperative effort among students, parents, staff and community members to introduce students to the process involved in becoming a part of the world outside of school. 

    The Advisory Committee: Is composed of an administrator, three counselors, three faculty members, a parent and the Program Coordinator. The Advisory Committee communicates throughout the process to make decisions concerning student placement and program policies. They approve individual student placements as necessary. 

    The Program Coordinator (Jeanne Braun, Coordinator of Community & Volunteer Services): Meets with all seniors in orientation sessions and is available to students throughout the process;  Provides information on past successful internships including sponsor contact information, and student journals in the Student Services Center and the Media Center; Consults with Counselors and Faculty Advisors about individual students, as well as the administration on the progress of the program; and reads and reports on all evaluations and student journals.  The Program Coordinator is Jeanne Braun, (610) 240-1913 or braunj@tesd.net

    The Faculty Advisor (unique to each student and requested by the student):  Works with no more than ten students in designing goals for individual programs; Maintains contact with the community sponsor and the student during the internship program; Communicates with the student throughout the program to monitor experiences and the student’s journal; and Completes an evaluation of the student’s experience at the conclusion of the program.  

    The Community Sponsor (person providing the internship): Provides the student with a meaningful program of experiences offering a realistic perspective of the area of interest; Communicates with the Faculty Advisor and the coordinator as needed; Completes background clearances as required by the PA Child Protective Services Law for interns under 18 years of age; and Completes an evaluation of the student’s experience. 

    The Parent: Encourages the student as he/she seeks out a Community Sponsor for a meaningful experience; Helps the student set personal goals for the experience; Signs student proposal and a release form allowing student participation; Oversees student attendance at their placement; and Completes an evaluation of their student’s experience.  

    The Student: Using all available resources, identifies area of interest and finds a Community Sponsor; Defines and sets goals for the experience, Completes program requirements on time as outlined in the timeline;  Initiates contact with the Program Coordinator and the Faculty Advisor as needed; and Assumes responsibility for understanding and adhering to the Guidelines.

    NOTE:  For the 2020 Internship Program, Community Sponsors who take a Conestoga intern under 18 years of age must have completed the following clearances:  PA Criminal Record Check, PA Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Criminal Record Check.