• Frequently Asked Questions regarding Senior Internship Community Sponsor Clearances

    Why do Community Sponsors for the Conestoga High School Senior Internship Program need to get background clearances?

    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania takes the issue of Child Safety very seriously and has passed the Child Protective Services Law to ensure that employees and volunteers who have regular and repeated contact with children have appropriate background clearances.  This law was recently amended to include adults who supervise, are responsible for, and have direct contact with a child in an internship, externship, work-study, co-op or similar program (House Bill 1276, Chapter 63).
    To be compliant with this law, Conestoga High School Senior Internship Community Sponsors for students under 18 years of age (as of 5/6/2024) must have the necessary employee background clearances beginning May 6, 2024..
    What clearances are required?
    1. Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Report of Criminal History 
    2. Child Abuse History Certification from the Department of Human Services
    3. FBI Federal Criminal History 

    Does everyone in my office/department/organization need to submit certifications?

    No. The designated individual at your place of employment who will be in the immediate vicinity at regular intervals with the student intern needs to the clearance certifications.
    When are the certifications due?
    Certifications must be complete before the internship program begins on May 8, 2023.
    How often do I need to renew my certifications?
    Each certification must be obtained every 5 years.  If an individual elects to renew all certifications at the same time, the date of the oldest certification, rather than the most recent, is the date to be used for the renewal date.