• 2020 Senior Internship Timeline 

    January 6 & 7: Introduction and Orientation to Senior Internship Program and Process.  Seniors will attend orientation sessions in the auditorium during their free periods. Guidelines and a packet of materials for Phase I of the program will be distributed.

    January 24: Phase I Materials Due.  The required materials include: (1) an application indicating the area of interest including the signature of the student, the parents and the faculty advisor; and (2) draft letters of interest to potential Community Sponsors.

    February 4 & 5: Phase II Orientation.  Phase II materials will be distributed.  Interview skills and strategies for finding Community Sponsors will be discussed during the sessions with students.

    March 12 & 13: Program Update Meetings.  Seniors will meet with the Coordinator to discuss status of requirements for completion of the process.

    March 27: Independent Internship Proposals Due.

    April 17: Phase II Materials are due and will be collected in the Main Lobby.  Materials include: (1) Detailed Student Proposal; (2) Sponsor Agreement; and (3) Parent Permission form.

    April 20-24: Final Approvals based on satisfactory completion of teacher and school requirements.

    May 4: Senior Internship Program Begins

    May 15: Two-Week Journal Due

    May 28Final Journal Due

    May 29: Last Day of Senior Internship

    NOTE: Evaluations may be turned in at Graduation Rehearsal.