2023 Senior Internship Guidelines

    Students should participate in the program daily for seven hours.

    Internships may include:

    • Shadowing a professional in a business or career setting or area of personal interest
    • Independent project
    • Independent research project 


    All internships must be supervised by a credentialed adult.

    Internships may be in-person, virtual, or a combination of both (hybrid).

    Students should not be paid for the experience. If a Sponsor insists on paying the student, the student must first get approval from Mrs. Braun.

    Students must establish goals for the internship and share those goals with the Community Sponsor and Faculty Advisor.

    Students are encouraged to explore an area of interest other than their present employment; continuation of their present employment in a different area of the business or profession must be approved by the 2023 Advisory Committee.

    Students planning independent projects must be supervised by a credentialed adult throughout the experience and must submit their detailed Student Proposal by March 24, 2023. Independent projects/internships will be reviewed and approved by the 2023 Advisory Committee.

    Students will communicate regularly with their Faculty Advisors during the program and will submit written records (journals) of their activities midway and at the conclusion of the program.

    Students must maintain satisfactory academic status in order to participate in the program.  Faculty members may approve or disallow the participation of any student before the beginning of the program.  No course work may be submitted or accepted after the program begins.

    Students represent Conestoga High School while participating in the Senior Internship Program.  Throughout the process, all school rules are in effect.  The Administration will evaluate each student’s participation and reserves the right to withdraw the Senior Internship Program privilege at any time during the process.  Students who are withdrawn from the program will continue with their regular schedule of classes.